True North’s 12 Days of Christmas Gifts!

Reese Christmas

While there are only 12 days left until Christmas (where did the time go!?), if you’re anything like us, you still have gifts left to buy! (Somehow spending time with the horses always seem to take priority over shopping …) That’s why we’ve decided to round up 12 of our favorite gifts that could be just the right fit for the equestrian in your life!

Whether you’re looking for something that fits under the tree or something that neighs, would be better suited living in a stall, and could probably count as 10 Christmas’ worth of Christmas gifts, we’ve included gifts of all sizes and price ranges!

Here are our 12 gift recommendations (that we think could make for a far better 12 Days of Christmas than those lords a’ leaping and a partridge in a pear tree)!

1. Butet Saddle, or Reins, or Girths – or Butet Anything Really – At True North, we love our Butet saddles and all things Butet! For gifts under $200, check out these beautiful braided reins and this classic strap girth.

2. Samshield Helmet – If you’re buying a gift for someone, it’s probably someone you want to be kept safe, right? Then consider a Samshield helmet! We love the Shadow collection!

3. Éce Equestrian Shirt – In order to do their best in the show ring, riders always want to feel and look their best going in. You can help with that! Just gift one of these gorgeous Éce Equestrian Shirts and you could even be partially responsible for their next show ring success!

4. Hayward Sportswear Jacket – No show ring look is complete without the right jacket, and we love this Euro Ribbon Jacket from Hayward Sportswear!

5. Fine Art Horses Photo Shoot – You’d be hard pressed to find a rider or owner that doesn’t love photos of their horse(s), and you could give them absolutely beautiful ones by gifting a portrait shoot with Fine Art Horses! We speak from experience: Fine Art Horses does incredible work, and your gift recipient won’t be disappointed!

6. Ruespari Belts – If Caitlyn Shiels is in the saddle, she’s probably wearing a Ruespari belt – as are so many riders these days because their elasticity makes them incredibly comfortable, and they look great! All of the belts come well-packaged in great, easy-carry pouches that would go perfectly in a stocking! Here are two of our favorites from the Holiday Collection: Winter Pearl and Caviar Sparkle.

True North Christmas Gifts.jpg

7. Tucci – Another thing Caitlyn doesn’t go to the show ring without? Tucci Boots – and with good reason! They’re both comfortable and absolutely gorgeous, and they would make any equestrian ecstatic to receive them!

8. Equine Omega Complete – This one is for the horses that you want to be looking and feeling their best, and it’s one we love and use regularly! (We blogged about them here.) Check out Equine Omega Complete, which is what add to our True North horses’ feed. We’ve seen it boost the shine of their coats and improve their immune and respiratory systems.

9. Riding Lessons and Training with True North – Okay, so we’re a little biased here, but we believe that True North Stables is one of the best places for equestrians of all ages and skill levels to learn and to achieve their goals. Whether you’re shopping for a child who has advanced from ponies and wants to take her riding to the next level, a junior rider who is ready to try something new, a friend who wants to get back into riding for the first time in years, or you yourself are just looking for someone new to ride with and learn from, True North could be an ideal fit! Fill out the contact form here, and we’ll get back to you right away regarding trying a lesson or training with Caitlyn at an upcoming show!

10. EquiFit – If the rider your shopping for is jumping, their horse likely needs boots, and if they need boots, they likely want them to be EquiFit boots! They’re our absolute favorites at True North, and we highly recommend any of them, like these D-Teq Front Boots and D-Teq Hind Boots.

11. MDC Stirrups – With no-stirrup November now behind them, riders everywhere are thankful to have their stirrups back! And, they’d likely be even more thankful for beautiful new stirrups from MDC Stirrups! Check out the MDC Sport Classic and more of our favorite stirrups here!

12. A New Horse – Last, but certainly not least – if you’re really looking to make an extraordinarily big impression on the gift front this year – consider a new horse! ;) Whether the person you’re shopping for is looking for a big eq horse, a new amateur-owner hunter, a grand prix prospect, or a Derby Finals contender, True North can help you find the right fit! Contact with specific requests or searches!

Emily Riden