The True North Feeding Program: What We Supplement and Why

At True North, we place an emphasis on customizing each horse and rider’s program to fit their needs, and for our horses, that starts well before they enter the ring. In order for our horses to perform their best, we start the tailoring of their programs in the feed room!


In addition to ensuring that each horse’s basic grain or feed matches their energy and performance needs (our hunters for instance are on a higher fat, lower energy feeding program), each horse has their own SmartPak of supplements, and there are two brands of products that every horse is on: Equine Omega and Equine Elixirs.

Why Equine Omega? The True North horses are on Equine Omega Complete, a specifically formulated blend of oils that is added to their feed. Ever since we first started using Equine Omega Complete, the differences that we’ve noticed in our horses have been impressive! It’s changed their coats – specifically the shine of their coats; it’s kept their immune and respiratory systems extremely healthy, and it’s made their hooves stronger.

equine elixirs.png

Why Equine Elixirs? Many of our horses are on the road at horse shows for a good chunk of the year, and just like in humans, that can get stressful. Stress is one cause of stomach ulcers in horses, and it’s actually estimated that 90 percent of performance horses have ulcers! That’s why we recently introduced Equine Elixirs Ulceraser to our program and give the gastric support and ulcer prevention supplement to our horses daily!

By fine-tuning each horse’s nutrition program and by feeding them according to their athletic and performance needs, True North is able to keep all of our horses looking, feeling, and doing their best!

Emily Riden