Inside the Barn With: Incorporated

Incorporated, owned by Corporate Way LLC, joined the team at True North earlier this year, and his personality and talent have quickly made him a jumper ring favorite!  

Watch what the 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding is like inside the ring here, and get to know what “Teddy” is like back at the barn with input from Caitlyn Shiels here!:

Caitlyn Shiels and Incorporated, owned by Corporate Way LLC. Photo by Anne Gittins Photography

Caitlyn Shiels and Incorporated, owned by Corporate Way LLC. Photo by Anne Gittins Photography

  • The key to Incorporated’s heart may be through his withers. “He loves when you scratch his withers. It’s like an out of body experience, and when you scratch his withers, he’ll scratch your shoulder. It’s adorable. He’s like, ‘I’ll scratch you if you scratch me. He loves the little extra attention of the scratches.”

  • His favorite thing – aside from being scratched – is probably his job in the jumper ring. “He definitely loves jumping. He loves going fast.”

  • He knows and loves his people. “He loves Carlos, the groom that takes care of him. That’s his man, and he definitely knows that I’m his rider now. He is definitely starting to realize when I show up, ‘Oh, my rider’s here!’”

  • He can be a little suspicious. “He’s funny about certain things. He’s like, ‘Are you sure?’ If say, ‘Yep!’, he says, ‘Okay!’ He’s a little suspicious, which makes him a really good jumper!”

  • He is 50 percent bouncy ball, 50 percent bunny rabbit, and 100 percent great show jumper! “He’s a bit like a bouncy ball. He’s got that really great blood and a really springy jump. Maybe he’s a bit like a bunny rabbit. You watch a bunny rabbit jump across the ground, that’s a bit like him.

    “For me, it’s been fun because, originally, I didn’t think that he would be my ride, but I love it. When you get in the ring, he’s competitive, and you can tell when he’s in it, he’s ready to go fast and slice and dice. You can just tell that he really enjoys it.”

  • If he were a human, he would be a bit of a nerd. “He would have been super nerdy in school. I think a lot of people would want to get to know him, but he’s a little reserved. He wouldn’t want to let his guard down right away. He has to gain your trust. I don’t think he would be a part of a sports team; I think he’d be very smart and into computers. He’s very meticulous with how you do things.”

 Look for Teddy this summer in the 1.35-1.45m jumpers!


Emily Riden