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"I’ve ridden for, gosh, 25 years. As an adult, I trained with some well-known hunter jumper trainers. When I switched to Caitlyn, I learned so much about understanding the nuances of riding. I’m turning off the wall to a fence that’s on an angle, and she’s telling me the exact time to use my outside leg and inside rein and 'now use your inside leg.' She’s riding it with me.

It just blew my mind. There were these nuances that no one had ever taught me before, and I mean, I was with good trainers. There are just these fine details, and when you start to string them together makes all the difference."

- Katie Hawkins, Unbridled Equine

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"I really like [Caitlyn's] personality. It’s always super positive. It's super personalized training. She’s always working on things and helping me come up with things to do while I’m just riding on my own and just making me an overall better rider. I feel like I’ve learned so much and how to better my horse over the past couple of months that we’ve been with her."

- Erica Halstead, 15

"As a parent, it always feels like Erica is a priority to Caitlyn, and she is really trying to look at the whole, long-term picture of Erica as a rider. She really wants to see her get to that next level of riding. Caitlyn has things mapped out for Erica, like, ‘This would be a good goal for you this year.' The program is really tailored for Erica and our horse. I really like that Caitlyn does the training rides riding on Blu, our horse, herself, so she understands what Erica’s feeling when she’s riding. I think in that respect, we’ve seen a lot of growth because Caitlyn really understands Blu and Erica. The communication is good too; we always feel informed of what’s going on with Caitlyn. She cares about what we want to do. She’ll ask about ‘Well do you want to do this?’ or 'Do you want to do this show? We feel involved in the program."

- Christine Halstead, mother