Inside the Barn With: Cassius

We’ve shared a lot on our social media and in blogs (like this recent post and this one) about how incredible Cassius is in the show ring, but what people don’t get to see or hear as much of is how great Cassius, and all of our horses, are inside the barn as well!

All photos by    Fine Art Horses

All photos by Fine Art Horses

 That’s why Cassius is now first up in our new ‘inside the barn’ series of blog posts where we’re sharing more about all of the talented horses that make up the team at True North!

Owned by Michelle Durpetti, ‘Cas’ (or Ham or Stinker, depending on the day) is a nine-year-old Warmblood gelding that joined the family in 2016. Since then, he’s matured into a phenomenal High Performance Hunter, a successful USHJA International Hunter Derby contender, and as of this year, a winning Amateur-Owner Hunter mount for Michelle!

Here’s more to know (and to love) about Cassius!

  • His eyes are the window to his soul. There’s a lot of personality in his eyes. You can tell when he’s a little nervous because of his eye. You can tell when he’s really feeling exhausted or defeated or feeling excited; his reactions are very strong in his eyes. You always know what kind of mood he’s in because he either has this little scrunch in his nose, and he’s like a grumpy old man. Or he’s not, and his ears are perked, and his eyes are like little doe eyes. He’s got lots of personality, that’s for sure!

  • He loves hunter derbies. Caitlyn says, “I think it’s the vibe that I give him; the way that I ride him for the derbies. I think he really enjoys that. His pace is a little bit on a clip, a little bit jumpery. It’s kind of like he has jazz feet. That’s his mojo. When I get him in that mode you can tell he’s like, ‘alright it’s performance type.’  He’s like a high-performance athlete. He knows when he’s in that mode.”

  • He’s a team player. Both Caitlyn and Michelle agree, Cassius always wants to show up and give his heart to the job! Caitlyn says, “I can really tell when I go into those derbies that that horse gives me his whole of everything that he has. I have asked him for a lot of things, and he has done nothing but more and beyond. In every class we go in, I feel like he’s learned a little bit more. That’s really reassuring.”

  • He loves donuts. And all foods really.

  • If he were a human, he’d be a football player. He’d be on the team and like to work out, and all of the girls would fawn over him – but he probably wouldn’t have a girlfriend. He’s not that guy. He knows that he’s kind of cool, but he’s sometimes still a little insecure so he wouldn’t be the best at dating relationships.

We love you, Cassius!

Emily Riden